Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lucky Penny and Secret Rendezvous

I upload two new songs. Lucky Penny (link1) was inspired by SuziMuzi's lyrics from 50/90 (see the lyrics at link2). It is an upbeat tune in D major.

Secret Rendezvous (link3) was inspired by lyrics someone submitted to the MusesMuse August lyrics contest. It is a slow romantic tune, in E major. For both of these recordings I edited out some silent pauses using Audacity. I also used the High Pass filter.

I also upload a second version of Simply Beautiful (link4). This new version has the pedal, which adds to the echo, and the glissando.

For these recordings, I ran line out from the Yamaha NP11 to a splitter, then a patch cable to line in for the Sony PX312 voice recorder, and the second patch cable to a set of satellite speakers.

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