Saturday, October 13, 2012

Five early pieces

I uploaded five of my early pieces. I like them all, but if you only have time to listen to one, I suggest March to the Sea. More prose at the end of this post.

Long Stemmed Rose

March to the Sea

December Rain

Ribbon of Leaves

All the Kings Horses

Long Stemmed Rose was one of the first pieces I wrote. The first version used chords, I later added the arpeggio harmony as I learned that technique. March to the Sea has become a "goto" piece for me to play when I am tired, or am experiencing nerves. It is another simple piece with a nice sound. I can "lean into" the instrument when playing it (meaning play it loud). December Rain was inspired by lyrics from the Muse's Muse forum, and is a short mood piece. 

I spent six weeks writing and rewriting Ribbon of Leaves. All the Kings Horses started off with all arpeggios, adding the chords gives it more contrast, and makes for a prettier piece.


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