Friday, February 15, 2013

February recital: Shadow, a meditation, a new piano, and a goal

I have two new pieces to share. I submitted Shadow (link1) to the Piano World Adult Beginners forum quarterly recital (link2). It is a companion piece to Shimmer (link3).

I also have a new meditation piece that I recorded on the vibraphone setting (link4). It reminds me of falling rain.

I recently upgraded to a Casio PX-150 digital piano. With 88 textured keys, it is significant upgrade from the 61-key Yamaha NP11.

More about the new pieces, Shadow and Shimmer are both in the key of C major. Shimmer is an upbeat, happy tune. Shadow is pensive and brooding at times. Even though they are quite similar in structure, slowing down the tempo and moving down a few notes, gives a darker mood.

The meditation is in the key of D flat major, all black keys. For those with a piano or keyboard, it is Db Ab Eb (octave) Db (octave), fingering 5-3-1-2 on the left hand, and single notes on the right. The YouTube tutorial I learned this from is link5. This is the latest in my explorations on a Pentatonic scale (five note scale).

I came across a quote from John Coltrane, and it has become a goal for me:

My music is a spiritual expression of who I am.