Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ashokan Farewell & Sunset

Ashokan Farewell (link1) was written in 1982 by Jay Unger at a music festival. It became popular as the theme for the PBS TV series on the Civil War. In my rendition, the ending isn't as it is written.

I spent 14 weeks, and did 25 recording takes, on the piece before getting a recording that I wanted to upload. The upload is one produced by directly connecting the Yamaha NP11 to the Sony voice recorder PX312, with no monitor, no audio feedback. The ending isn't as written.

The story behind Sunset is that I was reading some of the posts on the 50/90 site (link2). One of the lyric writers Deandratb had a link to her website, Inside the Song. The original lyrics to Sunset are copyright Toni Cerna and at link3.

My instrumental piano upload for Sunset is at link4. The song is about a depressed woman with low self-esteem that falls in love, then her lover tires of her moodiness and they break up. My abbreviated version of the lyrics follow:

Sunset in B minor (c# f#, though I use the C chord)
Original lyrics are copyright Toni Cerna

I always said \ that you were better off \ without me
and you always told me \ I was wrong
I always said \ that I feel broken
and you always told me \ we would find a way

the way you smile \ the way we dance
I fell in love \ I took a chance
Then one day, you said \
you're tired of my moods and darkness
so tired \ of the aches and pains
so tired \ of the lies and games

This is the end \ no more tears to cry

[- chorus -]
This is our sunset \ time to say goodbye
Not a movie ending \ no brilliant colored sky
Only faded grey \ as you walk away
[end chorus]

The sun is gone, the moon is empty
the sky is dark \ in shattered pieces

[pre-chorus ..]

[chorus ..]


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