Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pancakes: Coursera on Songwriting

I took a Coursera on songwriting earlier in 2014 (link1 to main Coursera site). I spent some time working on a song called Pancakes. Briefly, the process taught involves starting with a story board with three boxes. Filling out a rhyme worksheet by identifying some key words and finding suitable rhymes. The rhymes include perfect rhymes, family rhymes, consonant rhymes. Then comes the writing of the lyrics. There are more steps identifying the stressed syllables, and the accents in the melody line. Maybe 10% of the course is about writing the music.

The boxes for the storyboard:
Box1: mom remembering her childhood, dad makes pancakes
Box2: mom remembering her fiance making pancakes
Bridge: teenage daughter comes late at night, in tears
Box3: mom makes pancakes for daughter, reassures the child

Here is the link to the music for Pancakes (link2). 
Lyrics follow:


I remember Sunday mornings
a kid without a care
scent of melting butter
sizzling in the air

Bedtime stories, pillow fights
tender kisses, warm goodnights

Daddy's making pancakes for me
shows me that he cares
fluffy golden pancakes for me
my happy dance on air

Through my sad times
through my bad times
dad was always there

I remember Sunday mornings
love is every where
scent of melted candles
our passion heats the air

Syrup dripping, sheets are rippling,
two hearts beat as one

My fiancee makes pancakes for me
shows me that he cares
lovely, lumpy pancakes for me
I love him without fear

Through my sad times
through my bad times
he was always there

I can tell you that you've been crying
You're not very good at lying

Tell me what is going on
tell me what went wrong
I can listen, hold my tongue
I remember being young

It is almost Sunday morning
pancakes are almost here
Mommy's making pancakes for you
to show you that she cares

- end -

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